The Language Learning and Multisensory Brain (LLAMB) Lab is a part of Haskins Laboratories at Yale University. We study how infants’, children’s, and adults’ brains and minds grow and change as they learn about their world.

Researchers in our lab observe infants, children, and adults while they watch movies or play, and then analyze their eye-gaze patterns, touchscreen selections, brain activity, and more. We use these data to study how children think, learn, and make decisions.

We ask questions such as: how do babies recognize objects and produce their first words? How do babies make decisions based on their experiences?


The LLAMB Lab is a part of Haskins Laboratories!

Founded in 1935 and located in New Haven, Connecticut since 1970, Haskins Laboratories is a private, non-profit research institute with a primary focus on speech, language and reading, and their biological basis. Support for our work comes mostly from federally funded, competitive research grants. This is supplemented by private foundation support and individual donations.

Haskins Laboratories enjoys a distinct advantage as an independent research center. Crossing the boundaries of universities as well as disciplines, it has created a critical mass of full-time and visiting psychologists, linguists, physicists, engineers and other specialists who share information and insights and frequently collaborate as they study important problems such as speech synthesis and dyslexia that are too complex for research conducted from a single perspective ever to resolve.

At the heart of Haskins Laboratories are the people who comprise the Haskins community, including staff, scientists, educators, and students. The Laboratories employs a small full-time staff, half of whom are investigators and half of whom are in technical and administrative roles. In addition, the Laboratories’ staff includes part-time investigators, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students from a variety of institutions. For more information about Haskins, please check out their website:


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