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News about and talks & interviews by the LLAMB Lab PIs:


Dr. Richard Aslin received the Dickson Prize from Carnegie Mellon University in March, 2023



Dr. David Lewkowicz received the Senior Investigator Award from the International Society for Developmental Pychobiology in November, 2022


Dr. David Lewkowicz was interviewed on KCBS Radio in San Francisco on March 6, 2022 about the effects of masks on the development of language in young children.

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Do masks for young children impede their language development?




Dr. David Lewkowicz delivered a talk on October 21, 2021 on the World Wide Multisensory Perception web site in which he provided an overview of his research program.

Dr. Richard Aslin delivered a keynote address at the Virtual fNIRS 2021 conference on October 18th, 2021.

KBS World logoDr. David Lewkowicz spoke with Kwon Jang-ho, the host of the Korea24 radio program, on Children’s Day (May 5, 2021) about the effects of masks on the development of speech and language in infants.


Can masks impact a child’s speech and language development? Dr. David Lewkowicz discusses this topic on Global News Morning Toronto.


Dr. David Lewkowicz discusses “How masks could affect speech and language development in children” on the nightly broadcast of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

How does mask wearing affect babies? Check out this article in Scientific American, written by our very own Dr. David Lewkowicz, on what you can do during this unprecedented time!


Check out a Q&A with our very own, Dr. Richard Aslin, which appeared in PNAS! (QnAs with Richard N. Aslin)

Check out Dr. Lewkowicz’s comments in this New York Times article on the effects of mask wearing on child development

Check out the READ podcast, featuring Dr. Richard Aslin!


The Development of Multisensory Perception in Human Infancy & Underlying Mechanisms of Change (Talk at symposium entitled: “Synesthesia: A Window into Brain Development” at Harvard University)