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How does mask wearing affect babies? Check out this article in Scientific American, written by our very own Dr. David Lewkowicz, on what you can do during this unprecedented time!



Check out a Q&A with our very own, Dr. Richard Aslin, which appeared in PNAS! (QnAs with Richard N. Aslin)


“From first breath to first steps, this docu-series explores a decade of groundbreaking science that reveals the emotional and astounding story of a baby’s first year of life. Babies launches on Netflix February 21, 2020.”


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Check out Dr. David Lewkowicz’s comments in this New York Time’s article on mask wearing and its potential effect on children! “Do Masks Impede Children’s Development?”


Check out the READ podcast, featuring Dr. Richard Aslin!


Click above for more information regarding Haskins’ new brain research facility!