How does study sign up work?

Answer: Once you are added to our study list, we will contact you when you or your child is the perfect age for one of our active studies! Here you will receive the information about the study and have the opportunity to ask questions prior to deciding if you would like to participate. Once you decide to participate, we will find a time that fits your schedule. Click here to sign up!

Do I have to have kids to participate?

Answer: No! We also have studies for adults.

Can I bring multiple children to an appointment?

Answer: Definitely! When scheduling, our researchers will ask you if you are bringing any other children. We will make sure there’s someone available to watch your other children in our play space which has lots of fun toys. We also may have a study that works for all of your other children. This way, each one of them can participate in one of our studies.

Do the neuroimaging machines hurt?

Answer: Absolutely not! Please have a look at the “Our Methods” page for more information.

Can you tell me anything about my child’s development from this study?

Answer: No, we cannot comment on your child’s development. We conduct research studies whose principal aim is to determine how children develop as a group. This means that we are unable to make individual assessments.

How do I get to your lab?

Our lab is located on the ninth floor of 300 George Street, New Haven Connecticut 06511. We will provide you with step by step instructions on how to get here when you sign up for a study.

We offer free parking at a parking garage conveniently located right next to our building at 330/340 George St.

Is your lab stroller friendly?

Yes, our lab space is stroller-friendly. To get to the lab, you will take an elevator to the ninth floor!

Do you observe COVID-19 protocols?


Our research team is fully vaccinated and will be masked during in-person studies. During the study, we must stand very close to participants while putting on EEG and fNIRS caps or while we set up the eye tracker, so our team will also wear face shields during that time. Participants 2 years old and up will be masked, except for limited time periods depending on study requirements. Our lab is cleaned regularly and the fNIRs and EEG caps are sanitized after every participant.

I see you have many partnerships. Are you a part of one school in particular?

Answer: Our lab is a part of Haskins Laboratories. Haskins Laboratories is an independent, international, multidisciplinary community of researchers conducting basic research on spoken and written language. Exchanging ideas, fostering collaborations, and forging partnerships across the sciences, it produces groundbreaking research that enhances our understanding of—and reveals ways to improve or remediate—speech perception and production, reading and reading disabilities, and human communication. Haskins Laboratories has long-standing, formal affiliations with the University of Connecticut and Yale University. We also have collaborations and partnerships, both formal and informal, with other institutions and groups around the world. For more information, check out our website.